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Apple updates Boot Camp drivers to fix issue causing blown speakers


Apple updates Boot Camp drivers to fix issue causing blown speakers


Apple has released an update to the drivers for Boot Camp to fix a major issue with the audio on Windows 10 that would cause the speakers to blow on the new MacBook Pro.

A number of users reported earlier in the month that they were experiencing crackling or distorted sound from their new MacBook Pro speakers. All users had in common the fact they had just installed Windows 10 and the issue persisted after booting back into macOS.

MacRumors reader tianhuailiu had this to say about their experience:

“I used Boot Camp to install Windows and the right speaker started producing crackling sounds. It sounds like something broke inside the speaker. Every time I log in on Windows and try doing something with the speaker driver, either the left or right speaker produce a crackling sound. I have to return the MacBook Pro right now. Right now both my speakers crash both in macOS Sierra and in Windows, and they can only produce half of the original volume.

Unfortunately it appears that the damage is permanent as soon as it occurs and the speakers are blown for good. People experiencing the issue are forced to replace their MacBook Pro at the Apple Store, but due to limited stock are finding a several week wait for a replacement.

Although the new drivers are available through the Windows Apple Software Update, it doesn’t help those that have already blown their speakers. The update is available for the 13-inch and 15-inch version, although the issue seems to mainly be affecting the larger MacBook Pro.

Even though the new drivers are available, caution is advised when booting into Boot Camp and Windows 10 to prevent any damage to the speakers. Some users have opted for plugging in headphones when booting into Windows 10 to avoid the issue until after the update has been installed.

The issue does not seem to affect older MacBook Pro models or Windows virtualization software such as VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop for Mac. With the issue pertinent only to the new MacBook Pro, the underlying issue is still unclear.

Have you experienced this issue? Drop us a comment below.

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